Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do they bite?

Any animal with teeth can bite. Generally, gliders are pretty good about not doing so.

  • Do they smell?

Females and neutered males have no smell, but intact (not neutered) males do have an odor and will mark their cage.

  • How long do they live?

Sugar gliders live about 10-15 years on average.

  • Do they get along with other pets?

While sugar gliders can coexist in the same household as other pets, for safety reasons it is NOT recommended to allow them to interact with other animals.

  • Do they need vaccinations?

No, they do not need vaccinations. However, yearly wellness exams are highly recommended.

  • Do they make noise?

They can make a variety of noises, including barking, crabbing, and hissing.

  • Can they be potty trained?

YES They usually go potty right after waking up, so if you make sure they go potty in the cage before taking them out, they will be good for a few hours.

  • Should I get more than one?

Absolutely! They are very social and need a companion. We offer a discount on adoptions of pairs.

Should I get a pair of boys, pair of girls, or a male/female pair?

All are great, just make sure that if you get males to neuter them. This is especially important for male/female pairs as they will breed. Breeding is not for beginners and should not be attempted without careful consideration. For this reason we require a non-breeding contract on all joeys.

  • Can they play outside?

We do not recommend taking your sugar glider outside unless they are secured in a carrier or pouch. They can easily jump up a nearby tree and decide it is more fun to explore than come back to you. Sugar gliders are quick and difficult to catch. Although we occasionally take our gliders out with us while they sleep in our pocket, I would not try this until you have completely bonded with your glider and can trust that they will not come out.

  • How much do they cost?

Prices start at $200 and go up to $1,000 depending on color, sex, age, and lineage. All joeys go home with a free sleeping pouch, food sample, and treats.

  • Do males or females make better pets?

In our experience, both make great pets! We have not noticed a difference in personality between the two.

  • Do hedgehogs require vet care?

While vaccinations are not required, annual health exams are recommended.

  • Can hedgehogs be potty trained?

Yes! Some hedgehogs will learn to use a litter box.

  • Do hedgehogs smell?

No, hedgehogs do not smell. However, their poop does have an odor, and should be removed from the cage daily.

  • Do Hedgehogs Bite?

We have not once been bitten by any of our hedgehogs.

  • Do they get along with my other pets?

While hedgehogs can coexist in the same household as other pets, it is not recommended to allow them to interact with other animals, for safety reasons.

  • Can Hedgehogs go outside?

Yes! Play time outside must be in an enclosed area with supervision.

  • Should I have more than one hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature, so they prefer to live alone.

  • Are hedgehogs a good pet for children?

While we generally do not recommend hedgehogs for anyone under the age of 13, we understand that every child is different and some may be more mature than others.

  • How much do hedgehogs cost?

Our hedgehogs start at $200 and up.

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