Prices subject to change without notice.
ColorBreeding Pricepet only Price
Standard Grey $250 $200
Black Beauty $300 $200
White Face $300 $200
White Tip $350 $250
Mosaic$500+ $300
White Mosaic $500+ $300+
Leucistic $600 $350+
Platinum $600 $350+
Cremeino $700 $400+

We offer discounts to previous buyers and multiple glider purchases! If you have bought an animal from us before (does not have to be a sugar glider) or if you want to buy more than one animal, please ask about a discount!

If you would like to hold a sugar glider joey until it is ready to go, a refundable deposit is required.The deposit amount is typically 25% of the purchase price, but may increase or decrease depending on the glider.


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